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          Xinjiang Joinworld

          Xinjiang Joinworld Co., Ltd ,a research and export base of China's aluminium-based electronic new material industry, was established in 1958 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996. It is the first listed industrial enterprise in Xinjiang (stock code: 600888). After 60 years of development, it has become the core backbone enterprise of China's strategic new material industry, China Electricity. Top 100 enterprises of sub-components (ranked 37th) and top 100 enterprises of aluminium processing and manufacturing in China (ranked 41st).

          With the development direction of green, science and technology, energy saving and environmental protection, the company has constructed four new material industrial parks in North District of Urumqi High-tech Zone, Ganquanbao Economic and Technological Development Zone of Urumqi City, Shihezi Industrial Park and Dikaner Industrial Park of Shanshan County, and constructed a new material of "Energy-High Purity Aluminum-Electronic Aluminum Foil-Electrode Foil". The core of circular economy industry chain is the "1 + 4" industrial strategic pattern, which integrates logistics trade, metallurgical technology services, mineral resources development, high purity aluminium deep processing products technology and services.

          Xinjiang Joinworld Co., Ltd is the first batch of national "integration of two modernizations" system standard-running units, the first batch of national "green factory" demonstration enterprises, the first batch of national "innovative enterprises" and "national technology innovation demonstration enterprises", the first batch of customs AEO high-level certification enterprises, won the quality award of the second people's government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, leading China. The development of national aluminium-based electronic new material industry technology.


          Xinjiang Joinworld Co., Ltd has "National Certified Enterprise Technology Center", "Post-doctoral Research Workshop" and "National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Aluminum Electronic Materials". It has acquired more than 200 intellectual property rights at home and abroad. It has led the formulation of 23 national and industrial standards, such as "Aluminum Foil for Electrolytic Capacitors" and "High Purity Aluminum". It has undertaken 7 national and industrial standards successively. A series of important scientific research topics in the field of new materials in China, such as the National 863 Project, 2 National Science and Technology Support Plan and 1 National Science and Technology Major Project, have been developed. A team of talents with academicians and well-known experts at home and abroad has been trained successively with Beijing Research Group, China Airlines Beijing Aviation Materials Institute and Northeast University. University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Central South University and Chinese Academy of Sciences have established a long-term cooperative mechanism of production, learning, research and utilization, which has become the talent training base of famous universities in China. It has achieved a historic breakthrough in the research and development and production of advanced products of structural and functional materials on aluminium base, and has provided an environment-friendly society.“ Green raw material guarantee and solution.

          The company's high-purity aluminium, electronic aluminium foil and electrode foil products are widely used in the fields of national major equipment manufacturing, aerospace, rail transit, electronic information and automobile lightweight, achieving mass exports to 15 countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Europe and Taiwan, China.

          With the concept of developing green science and technology, intelligent environmental protection, reliable and efficient energy-saving products, Zhonghe insists on win-win development with society, win-win with employees, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, pay taxes according to law, expand employment, and lovingly assist various natural disasters; through the implementation of agricultural breeding support, agricultural production materials support, and livelihood. In the form of living goods assistance, education assistance and employment assistance, Sahansha Fukuohan Village in Yingjisha County of Kashgar is designated as poverty alleviation. It regularly visits military-civilian co-construction units, social welfare homes and children's villages to offer condolences and assistance. The company promotes the improvement of the working environment and living environment of its employees from a high starting point. It has built an indoor basketball hall, library, gymnasium and a matching fund-raising, livable and pleasure-learning housing called "Zhonghe Home". It carries out equity incentives, strives to build a harmonious and happy enterprise with exhibition results and staff sharing, and transmits and extends love for the harmonious development of the country. Prosperity and prosperity add positive energy.

          The Nineteenth National Congress has sounded the general trumpet for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "China Dream". Xinjiang Zhonghe has never forgotten his original intention and kept his mission in mind. Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Nineteenth National Congress has carried out the new development concept and continuously deepened the company's industrial development strategy around the general objective of the autonomous region, with a view to supply. Side structural reform is the main line, focusing on scientific and technological innovation and business model innovation, adhering to quality first and benefit first, adhering to double-wheel drive, ensuring that the competitiveness of the main manufacturing industry continues to improve, comprehensively stabilizing the status of high-end aluminum-based industry, promoting the scientific development of magnesite industry, cultivating and forming high-end intelligent new material industry clusters. Accelerate the extension of the layout to the high-end areas of the downstream value chain, and construct a new economic growth point to support the sustainable development of the company; vigorously support the technological innovation and mode innovation of manufacturing service industry, do a good job in strengthening green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection industries; and build a comprehensive collection of aluminum-based new materials, mineral resources, modern logistics, metallurgical construction. Service as one of the diversified, modernized and internationalized 10 billion high-tech enterprise groups.

          Facing the future, Zhonghe of Xinjiang will hold high the great banner of industry serving the country, take the revitalization of national industry as its responsibility, seek cooperation with an open mind, integrate reliable and efficient products and services into the global high-end manufacturing supply chain, change to manufacturing service providers, system integrators, operators and modern logistics providers, and build into a new aluminum base. Materials, aluminum deep processing oriented century enterprises, serving China, serving the world, promoting the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "maritime Silk Road" area, become the leading enterprises of China's high purity metal materials, aluminum deep processing new materials industry and upgrading products, creating new value for mankind. Contribute to the progress and development of society!


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