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          Speech of President

          Our beloved friends:
          Welcome to the official website of Xinjiang Joinworld!
          Joinworld has went through a history of 58 years since it was established in 1958. Along the way of development and grandness of national new material strategic emerging industry, I am so proud of being a member in such a cohesive and aggressive company.
          Chinese manufacturing is facing a rigorous competitive environment in such a China’s new normal. Joinworld follows those crucial national strategies closely by the efforts of all the employees, such as innovation-driven, The Belt The Road, and Made in China 2025 to insist on developing with both manufacturing and service industries, promoting structural synergy, innovation synergy, quality-improvement synergy, cost-reduction synergy and management synergy to pass the ordeals from the market. Joinworld obtained an income of 7.627 billion yuan which is beyond 43.14% YOY.
          I appreciate the spirit of tenacity like constant dripping wears away a stone, and the spirit of dedication to work in silence which make Joinworld become much stronger and this is definitely not succeed in one day. Which truly made this success must rely on keeping on carving, persevering, pulling together, overcoming difficulties. Our confidence derive from providing reliable products to clients, seeking happiness for employees, increasing the wealth for shareholders, and creating rich values for society. You can see our responsibilities and undertakings from the official website.
          Joinworld is converted towards manufacturing service provider, operators, and modern logistics providers to serve for China and the world so as to push forward the construction of The Belt and Road. Let’s fight for becoming a leading enterprise in high-purity metal material and new material industry and products for the deep processing of aluminum!
          Soon dawn will break in the east, please do not feel it’s too early to set out. Only starting in advance, you can enjoy the unique view on the mountain before missing the opportunity.
          We sincerely invite you to join us to create a new future!
          Xingjiang Joinworld Co., Ltd.

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