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          Social Responsibility

          In 1958, Xinjiang Joinworld was found in the northern suburbs of Urumqi, starting from aluminum smelting and processing, Joinworld has witnessed the development, change and grow in strength of China's aluminum electronic new material industry. Now Xinjiang Joinworld  accelerate the implementation of science and technology innovation and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, and has become one of the most important global high purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil research &development and production enterprises, Joinworld is one of the first group of national innovative enterprises, the National Torch Program key high-tech enterprise.
          We uphold the “innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" idea of development, and we undertake “to provide customers with reliable products,to seek happiness and development for the employees, to create wealth growth for shareholders, to create a rich value for the society” important task, we actively undertake the promotion and development of the national strategy “the Belt and Road” in Xinjiang. We take a new road of industrialization around the independent innovation and capacity building, and vigorously implement the advantageous resources transformation strategy and develop recycling economy.
          As the first listed industrial enterprise in Xinjiang, Joinworld has always upheld the social responsibility idea “repay the society, build a harmonious enterprise” as a guidance, and aim to become a socially responsible enterprise citizens. While creating profits and to be liable to shareholders, Joinworld actively take responsibility to stakeholders and the whole society, and try to achieve harmonization of enterprise and economic social sustainable development.

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