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          Our Vision
          We are aiming at equipping China and equipping world as a provider for the solutions of global energy industry (including new energy /new material) to become a facilitator who is trusted by the whole world.
          Our Mission
          We always strive for creating more values for our clients, providing wide platforms for those who are fighting to work, and offering systematic solutions for global energy industry (including new energy /new material) to become a facilitator who is trusted by the whole world.
          Enterprise Culture from Five Aspects
          One Value: reliable
          Two Goals:Equipping China and equipping world to realize the promotion of national strength in energy equipments (including new energy and new material) and system integration to supply Chinese products, techniques and services for the world.
          Three Tenets:
          Making our clients to be satisfied:
          It means making sure of reliable quality and respect clients, intensive research and learn clients well, timely delivery and satisfy clients, worthy service and affect clients.
          Making our employees to be relieved:
          It means building a professional enterprise to trust employees, putting morality at first to educate employees, creating achievements and sharing the fruits to encourage employees, pulling together to concentrate employees.
          Making our shareholders to be rest assured:
          It means attracting shareholders by remarkable achievements, be honest to shareholders by legitimate operation, repaying shareholders by creating values, stabilize shareholders by continuous development.
          Four Spirits:
          Especially capable of suffering in works to forge ahead and pioneer new business.
          Especially capable of struggling in works to overcome difficulties and never give up.
          Especially capable of dedicating in works to operating life and pursue excellence.
          Especially capable of studying in works to exceed ourselves and innovate for change.
          Five Perspectives:
          It is the culture like mountain, which means honesty and reliability is the root of establishing TBEA.
          It is the culture like river, which means innovation and change is the soul of developing TBEA.
          It is the culture like tree, which means healthy and green development is the base of blooming TBEA. 
          It is the culture like light, which means simplicity and clarity is the way of showing TBEA.
          It is the culture of harmony, which means harmony and sharing is TBEA’s dream for a century.

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