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          • Electronic Aluminum Foil Company is one of the leading professional manufacturersof electronic aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitorindustry. It has successfully realized the small high functionalization of the functional solid polymer capacitor and aluminum electrolytic capacitors; it hasfilled the domestic blankarea of high added value and environmental middle&high voltageelectronic aluminum foil.It also provides a “green”raw material for the productionenvironmental capacitor andleads our country electronicproducts into the chromium-freeera.
            The main products of Electronic Aluminum Foil Company are high and low voltage electronic aluminum foilfor aluminum electrolytic capacitor, aluminum alloy belt, high purity aluminum coil, hot milledmedium plate, hot milleddamaged material, decoration foil and other aluminum alloy coil. Productsare best-selling in domestic market and also have been exported to Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and Taiwan Region of China. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, household appliances, information, equipment, and etc. “Joinworld” brand electronic aluminum foil was named Chinese famous brand products.
            Electronic Aluminum Foil Company has obtained the ISO9001, ISO4001, OHRMS28001 certification.And all series of products have been certified by the international union of the ROHS environmental certificate and Japan electrolytic capacitor JCC standard. It acquired“national security quality standard enterprise” certification and established long-term stable strategic cooperative relationshipwith the global top 500 electronic materials enterprises.

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