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          • Electrode foil company is a branch company of Xinjiang Joinworld Co., Ltd. It is specialized in manufacturing and research & development the high voltage and medium voltage etched and forming foil. Electrode foil company is the terminal production of the whole industrial chain, which is from “energy, high purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil, electrode foil". At present we could produce the voltage from 180V to 1000V all series. The annual output of mid-high voltage electrode foil is about 16 million square meters.
            Electrode foil is the mainly material of electrolytic aluminum capacitor. As the energy storage products, aluminum electrolytic capacitor could be used in the computer, TV, air conditioning, cameras and other home appliances, communications, medical, automotive electronics, solar photovoltaic, wind power and other fields widely be used,.
            The product performance indicators have reached advanced level in China and abroad. Our products are exported to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Europe United States and domestic market mainly in Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta.
            In order to guarantee the consistency of quality, during production we use many imported components, equipment and a fully automatic computer control system, implement real-time monitoring for all process parameters, display, alarm. We also set up the central monitoring station in the independent workshop.
            Electrode foil products had obtained ISO9002 quality system certification.
            Electrode foil company cooperated with many colleges and universities, in the company the scientific research personnel accounting for 3.68% of the total staff.
            Supplying with efficiency, high-quality and thoughtful is our commitment to the users.

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