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          • Metallurgical Construction Engineering Company was founded based on the electrolytic aluminum construction technology accumulation and integrationof interdisciplinary technology resources. It is mainly engaged in building electrolytic cell, overhaul; anode guide rod-steel talonshot melt of whole sets of welding construction (including thermofussion welding products and welding construction); stove kiln building, maintenance services; uninterrupted power aluminum busbar welding repair (including aluminum welding products and welding construction) and rail welding construction (including welding material and welding construction); it can also undertake relevant installation of steel structure and mechanical and electrical engineering; electrolytic cell bulk raw materials and spare parts processing products and distribution services; Most advance and sophisticated intelligent new technology research and development production of six major parts business.
            Metallurgical Construction Engineering Companyis able toundertakethe construction, modification, maintenance of electrolytic cell andthe contractor and subcontractor service ability of engineering system. Itis the first domesticcompanies with cathode square steel hot melt welding technology and anode guide rod - steel talons welding technology. It has a strong professional technology research and development team and has developed cathode square steel, aluminum busbar, anode guide rod - steel talons hot melt welding technology.

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