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          Location: JoinWorld_EN >>
          Xinjiang Joinworld Co., Ltd. always insists on one R&D philosophy of “Manufacturing one Generation, Developing one Generation,  Reserving one Generation”, 6 developing department and 1 functional managing department which are directed by high-purity aluminum, electronic aluminum....
          The company mastered the leading 3N-5N5 three high purity liquid and purification, refining, casting technology, used in aerospace and rail transportation products and high purity aluminum alloy products production technology, high conductivity, high strength, Strong , heat and other high-performance aluminum casting production technology, combined method of electronic aluminum..
          The company actively undertake national, regional focus of scientific and technological research and development projects, has completed implementation of seven national "863" project, a national science and technology major projects, "02 special" project, two national science and technology...
          The company has won the "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise", "Innovative Enterprise" and "National Labor Award" and the honorary title, "the national technology innovation business model" and "national science and technology innovation base"; the company built the "local joint ....
          In the process of technological innovation, the use of patent applications, standards, legal protection of software copyright registration, etc, proprietary intellectual property protection strategy, supplemented by internal protection technology, the establishment of secrecy management improve corporate intellectual property management system at the same time system, effectively maintain the company's technological competitive ..

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